The New Normal Sketch

The New Normal Sketch.


John F. Kennedy

American President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.


Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent was the book that opened my eyes to the world. Understanding of social agendas, free-market economics and its effects on mainstream narrow reporting. Upon reading this book I became more knowledgeable and much less prone to having my beliefs manipulated by the mainstream media.


Julian Assange

Australian publisher, journalist, media, internet entrepreneur and total badass, Mr. Julian Assange.


Ron Paul

United States Congressman Ron Paul, repeat candidate for President of the United States.

Top 10 Websites For Designers November 2011

I made the top 10 of HOW Interactive.


Michael Moore

A sketch of Mr. Michael Moore, an Oscar winning documentary film maker from Flint, Michigan. Feel free to take this sketch and use it for whatever purpose… if you do, just credit me. All right, thanks.


Man Metropolis – Free Album

Leisurette by Man Metropolis (Philip Obando) Free downloads. Take advantage.

Notes: Released Feb 14th, 2007. iTunes link

  1. Counting till the end 4:30
  2. Porno Puppets 3:14
  3. Leisurette 4:35
  4. Hello Sunrise! 4:26
  5. Fade 3:39
  6. Is Love 3:46
  7. Devotion Divinity 4:37
  8. San Francisco 6:14
  9. Blue Blocks of Soft Plastic 6:59
  10. Sound 3:54
  11. Theme from That Movie! 3:56
  12. Definition 5:12

All songs are available on YouTube

I encourage you to remix it, make CD copies and pass along to friends and even strangers. Feel free to use it on ads, indie-movies, documentaries or any other kind of media.

℗ 2007 Man Metropolis


Cassette Graphics

One day the world will finally submit to CSS standards. The sun will shine brighter and the birds will sing tunes you've never heard before. The smog will mysteriously disappear and the air will be so sweet and pleasant you thought you were smelling fresh flowers. That day will come and we'll all rejoice with our arms in the air... the clouds will form beautiful shapes, gas prices will fall to a buck. Finally the dollar will be worth what it should be. All conspiracy theories will be proven right. All the evil people will deserve what they started and we'll never die.